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  Collar Pin/ Lapel Pin/ Metal Badge
  Tie Clip / Tie Pin
  Dog Tag
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+ Drinkware
  Mug, Cup & Tumbler
  Water Bottle
+ Electronics & Gadgets
  Universal Travel Adaptor
  Optical Mouse
  Cable & USB Hub
  Selfie Stick
  Power Bank/ Portable Charger
+ Bags
  Haversack/ Backpack
  Non-Woven Bag/ Eco Bag
  Shoe Bag
  Document & Notebook Bag
  Drawstring Bag
  Pouch/ Organizer/ Toiletries bag
  Cooler Bag
  Travel Bag
+ Lifestyle
  Torchlight / Lamp
  Luggage Tag
  Soft Toy/ Plush
  Travelling Weighing Scale
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  Cap / Hat
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  Looking for creative corporate gift ideas in Singapore? We have a wide range of corporate gifts customised to your needs.
Cube Mug & Mini
Product Code: GTL-002
Universal Travel Adaptor - 2USB 2.1mA
Product Code: WT-010/JY-158/148 2100mA
Calendar USB Hub
Product Code: USB KR-09
Product Code: Heat Transfer Mug
Price: $1.95
Selfie Stick With Wired
Product Code: Selfie KA-03
Portable Weighing Scale
Product Code: Scale KA-02
3 In 1 Cable
Product Code: USB KA-06
Wine Towel
Product Code: Towel KT-03
Cup Lamp
Product Code: GTL-003
5-in-1 Brick Lamp Holder
Product Code: GTL-012
Foldable Water Bag
Product Code: M-14
Price: $2.00
Stainless Steel Tumbler
Product Code: M-15
Price: $4.95
Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask
Product Code: Bottle KA-18
Fisherman's Hat (children's size)
Product Code: Hat KR-07
street Cap
Product Code: Cap KR-14
Aluminum Water Bottle
Product Code: M-07
Price: $5.90
Collar Pin / Lapel Pin/ Badge
Product Code: Collar Pin / Lapel Pin/ Badge
Acrylic Plastic Keychain
Product Code: Plastic Keychain 02
Tie Clip/ Tie Pin
Product Code: TP-01
Dog Tag
Product Code: Printed Dog Tag
Soft Toy/ Plush
Product Code: ST-01
Plastic Ball Pen
Product Code: ST-08
Price: $0.42
Syringe-shaped Highlighter
Product Code: ST-31
Price: $0.68
Lanyard with metal hook & HP strap
Product Code: LY-05
Price: $0.90
Sticky Note Pad
Product Code: ST-11
Price: $1.90
Non-woven bag- Landscape
Product Code: NW-03
Price: $0.50
Sports Back Pack
Product Code: Bag-12
Price: $7.90
Document Bag with Zip
Product Code: Document Bag B
Auto Open Straight Umbrella
Product Code: UM-01
Price: $4.20
Universal Travel Adaptor
Product Code: KK931
Price: $3.75
Ceramic Mug with Lid
Product Code: Mug-18
Price: $3.30
Rubberised PVC Keychain
Product Code: PVC Keychain 01

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