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Cup Lamp
Product Code: GTL-003


Appealingly simple, this whimsical lamp has a perky shade that is made from a paper cup and is just the right size for a small desk lamp or nightlight. The lamp can be powered with an AAA battery or a USB port, and its LED lights will supply a whopping of more than 10,000 hours of illumination. If you get bored with the designs the lamp comes with, you can always customize it by drawing on the blank cup that comes with it, or by stealing a new cup from a fast food restaurant. How DIY.

Consumes only 1 Watt for the usage of 250 hours.

Long Life Time
8 LED occupies a lifetime of approximately 30,000 hours.

Three pieces of AAA batteries (not included) can operate 30 hours.

Tailor-made a design pattern for your cup lamp. Any words and logo are available for promotion.

Design your own cup patterns with your creativity.

Materials: Lamp Stand (Plastic), Cup (Paper)

Dimension: Lamp (9cm x 9cm x 18cm), Paper cup (5.3cm x 7.5cm x 9cm)

Weight: 150g

Accessories: 1.1 meter long USB cable

Packaging: PET box with paper

Klassic Resources Pte Ltd
Klassic Resources Pte Ltd